the team

what does health mean to us?

Taunya Loeppky

head coach

Often times when we look at health and making changes to improve ourselves, we think about how it will affect us. We will feel better, have more energy, feel happier, and be more confident. However, making changes in our lives, whether they are positive or negative, will directly influence those closest to us.

When I am healthy, I have more energy and I play with my children. I take them to the park and I don’t watch them play, I play with them.

When I am healthy, I am happy. My relationship with my partner thrives. I am more present with him. We enjoy each other’s company by laughing and sharing new experiences.

When I am healthy, I am a positive role model for my children. When they see me being active, playing, eating healthy foods, having patience, they are more likely to do the same. They are sponges and they take in everything that I do and say.

What does your health mean to those closest to you?

William Vigors

coach & founder

The ability to thrive.
If I become reliant on something other than myself then I am simply surviving.
My health is my responsibility for myself and for those in my life who rely on me.
To sacrifice my health is a selfish decision as I would be sacrificing the ability to live to my highest potential; that directly and indirectly impacts everyone around me.

It could be called duty but it can be more accurately be described as love.
If you love yourself first then you stand a chance of being the best friend, employer, son, brother, husband and father that you possibly can be.

Health for me is a journey.
It ebbs and flows and connects me to all the people and experiences worth living in this life.

Without true health we are merely surviving and without you, who has to bear the load?