We understand that what you have tried hasn’t worked for you and we believe that the industry MUST do better.

PROFESSIONALISM, INTEGRITY, PERSISTANCE, AND AN INCLUSIVE TRIBE: These values guide our team of Professional Coaches; we remain wholly invested in your journey with you.


I was working out with a CrossFit gym 5 days a week struggling to lose weight and in chronic pain. I often wondered what I was doing wrong. I was working so hard and not seeing results. They took the time to get to know me, my wants and what my body can and can't do. It was a very personal experience. I knew after the first week that this was it! My journey has been amazing; no longer in pain when I wake up and I enjoy my workouts! I have a new found confidence and I am stronger then I have ever been. I feel like there is nothing that can hold me back!
Romy S.
“I would start to work out, injure myself and then get discouraged. I felt like I would never get through it and in turn like I was going to just give up trying. The experience was different because we started at the beginning based on who I was and where I was at. That made all the difference. I was cautiously optimistic from our first meeting. Could have been that you sat on the ground with me. I started to notice a difference in my day-to-day activities. I had more strength and energy. Now that I know it is going to work, I am able to look to the future and I am okay with things taking time. Before I came, I wanted it all to happen so quickly. I can see steady improvement each week and know that if I keep it up, I will get to reach my goals.
Debbie M.
"When I started with The Active Path I was struggling with chronic back pain since 2012. Even after surgery in 2012 the pain has been chronic and sometimes almost unbearable. I contemplated having a second surgery in the USA. I was becoming desperate as the pain was controlling my life and making day to day tasks difficult. I was in and out of Physiotherapy, IMS and Chiropractor help on a weekly basis. The attention to detail and explanation of the fine points of understanding my pain, weaknesses, what they represent and how to deal with them was extraordinary. We worked on a plan that was developed specifically for me. The part I found most interesting was that we didn’t just work on my back and core muscles (like previous coaches) but we work on all parts of my body that unknown to me were causing my back issues. Wrists, ankles, hips, shoulders etc. and concentrating on both sides of my body and spending extra time on the weaker sides that were causing alignment issues. I knew this was going to work for me, when I started waking up in the morning and it didn’t take me 2 hours to stand straight. It wasn’t just me who recognized it. My wife the other day just complimented me on the fact that it is nice to see me standing straight and not struggling with pain in the morning. I know this will be a lifetime path but with Will’s guidance and attention to detail, I am on a path that has allowed me to live my life again.
Dan A.